Location : Terminal 2D

all activities related with the control of traffic of goods entering or leaving the customs territory and the collection of import and export duties.

Description :

  • Passenger’s personal belonging are some particular goods which carried by anyone across a national boarder using a carriage, except crew members and border crosser.
  •  Passenger’s personal belonging arrived after or before the owner arrival, can be claimed by showing a personal passport and boarding pass.
  • Crew member belongings are items carried (due to the nature and his occupation) into any means of transport and come together with the owner.
  • Custom declaration (CD) is a custom statement of an imported good carried by the passenger or the crew members.


        Exemptions of import duties, import related taxes and Excise on imports are subjected to :

  •     Passenger’s personal goods with customs value exceeding FOB USD 250.00 for each person or FOB USD 1,000.00 for a family.    
  •     Excisable goods of adult passenger’s personal goods with amount exceeding 200 pieces of cigarettes, 25 pieces of cigars or 100 grams of minced tobacco and 1 liter of alcoholic beverages.
  •     Goods of crew of means of transport with customs value exceeding FOB USD 50.00 for each arrival.
  •     Excisable goods of crew of means of transport with amount exceeding 40 pieces of cigarettes, 10 pieces of cigars or 40 grams of minced tobacco and 350 milliliters of alcoholic beverages.


    Goods unloading procedures for passanger, crew and carriage.

  • For passenger personal belonging arrives along with the owner must be declared to customs and excises officials using a customs declaration form (CD)
  • (CD) /Custom Declaration Form must be filled completely and correctly, a verbal declaration can be conducted in a particular place based on Director General of Customs and Excises approval.


    Passenger or crew member may choose on which channels their  imported goods go through:

        A. Red channel, in case of passenger brought an imported good :

  • With custom value exceeds the limit of import duty regulation or goods subject to excise taxes exceeded the exemption provisions.
  • Carry goods such as animals, fish, and plants, including their derivative products.
  • Narcotics, psychotropic, drugs, fire arms, air guns, sharp weapons, ammunition, explosive material, pornographic goods/publication;
  • Cinematographic movie, recorded video tape, video laser disc, or phonograph record.
  • Bank notes, in rupiah or other currency with value of Rp. 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million rupiah) or more.


    B. Green channel, in case of arriving passengers or crew members are forbidden to carry imported goods as mentioned on article (A), after receiving the declaration, Custom and Excise Officials :

  • Issuance of approval letter for released of goods if passenger is going trough Green Channel, however physical inspection will be conducted if passenger is going trough Red Channel.
  • If there is a suspicion, Custom and Excises Officials may conducted an inspection.
  •  A documen verification  will be conducted for every passenger and crew belongings which are going through the Green Channel.


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